Queen Gloria Talents is a ministry run by Madame Gloria Nzibu.  A multi-Talented woman with the call on serving humanity through God Globally. Madame Gloria is a Congolese Canadian who carries many hats both in her personal and professional life. Queen Gloria Talents establishment  is about 15+ years training whose focus mission and vision toke place in 2014 including SCKY Foundation

The owner of this ministry, is authentically creative and admires anything artistic and innovated [ Organic to better human health and nurture the environment]. As a quick learner, she has been capable of accomplishing anything she determines towards.

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  • Exchange profession whenever needed; matching towards destiny

  •  Social Entrepreneurship and switching between humanitarian and philanthropic work


  • Ensuring the talents within this ministry glorifies Jesu


  • Sharing and Self-Developing consistently towards excellence and  elegancy  in the aim to continue to be extraordinary. Most important of it all, being simple.


  • Youth  and Music Leadership: Redeemed Christian Church, Fmad, West, etc

  • Miss Best Speech: Miss Congo Canada


  • Modelling* Acting* Vocal: TN Management

  • Vocal*Singing*Worship Leadership: NewCovHoir

  • Film & it Administration: Seneca College | South African Great Movies Production (SAGMP) LTD

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Speaking in existence by claiming and placing ourselves in the rightful position based on  madam Gloria believes in the heavenly kingdom and origin of Kongo Kingdom; we are all royals and gifted, it up to you to explore it as the power is in your hands, tongue, heart, and mind.